Free delivery in Lithuania for purchases over 65 €
Free delivery in Lithuania for purchases over 65 €

We are committed to a multifaceted approach that includes ecological, economic and social impacts.


For those who misses naturality

We live in a constant noise and abundance where it becomes difficult to notice real things. In search of peace, we increasingly turn to nature, which as a mirror reflects who and what we are – sensitive and vulnerable, unbalanced by our own ever-accelerating pace of life, longing for harmony with ourselves and others, seeking stability and coziness. All this can be discovered today by surrounding ourselves with natural elements of the environment, which, with their textures, shapes and smells, broadcast the special energy of nature and soothing silence. And for this reason, we fall in love with wool, its simplicity and natural aesthetics. Finally, we become age-dependent depending on the sense of comfort it provides.


By using natural wool fibers for our products, we try to take care of the environment around us. We pack the vast majority of our products in eco-friendly cotton packaging, and some of the boxes that go to customers ’homes with the goods are reused.

FLOKATI approach

The naturalness and benefits of wool inspire even more effort, because of the nature and people around us.

Social projects

2016 In Flokati salons, it was possible to purchase Andra Kavaliauskaitė’s fairy tale for children “Love of the Sea Horse” in CD format, and all the funds received were allocated to the Linas and Irma Adomačiai Foundation for infants deprived of parental care. We also donated many warm woolen toys and shoes to the orphanage.

2020commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Flokati in December, we decided to focus not on the number of birthday balloons, but on those who need more heat. Throughout December, we allocated 2% of each shopping to support Kaunas Hospice House.

Wool is one of the first things we think about when we want heat. However, we are confident that wool, and with it Flokati, can do much more. With the launch of the social campaign “Let’s help live life”, we set a goal – not only to provide the hospice with the much-needed financial support, but also to spread the message that no one is left to fend for themselves in difficult times, there are people willing and able .

Throughout December, you spent € 4,500 on hospice support to buy warm Flokati products, and we decided to increase that amount to € 6,000. We hope that these funds will help Kaunas Hospital Hospital staff and volunteers by providing all possible assistance to patients and their relatives!
An important task is to spread the message about the activities of Kaunas Hospital. We have watched your reactions and are happy for everyone who has learned what a hospice is and what he does. We truly thank the entire Flokati community, friends, Linas Adomaitis, Ieva Mackevičienė, Erika Valiukaitė, Lina Jurevičiūtė and each of you for spreading the

Hospice staff and volunteers try to help anyone who needs help, and here we can all help them do it together: by joining hospice volunteers, providing support with items, money, or paying 1.2% personal income tax. It is important to understand that our help, support or support is needed throughout the year.
Support for Kaunas Hospital House:

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