Free delivery in Lithuania for purchases over 65 €
Free delivery in Lithuania for purchases over 65 €

Summer blankets

Premium quality single-layer summer blankets for a cozy sleep during the warm season. Our lightweight yet warm merino wool blankets will ensure maximum comfort and provide you with quality rest. Lighter summer wool blankets are perfect for the warmer months.


Natural fiber of merino wool with thermo-regulating properties helps prevent overheating and protects from cold. Summer blankets are a perfect choice for those who like to sleep in cooler temperatures. Choose your wool summer blanket and enjoy relaxing and healthy sleep during the warm season.

Vilnonė antklodė Svajonė
Blanket “Dream” (for children)
 5135  7900
Vilnonė antklodė Svajonė
Blanket “Dream”
 7085  10900
Vilnonė antklodė Morengas
Blanket “Meringue”
 9035  13900
Vilnonė antklodė Migdolas
Blanket “Almond”
 6435  9900
Vilnonė antklodė Karamelė
Blanket “Caramel”
 11635  17900
Antklodė Moka 1
Blanket “Moka”
 9685  14900
Vilnonė vaikiška antklodė Morengas
Blanket “Meringue” (for children)
 5785  8900
Vilnonė antklodė
Blanket “Caramel” (for children)
 6175  9500
Vilnonė antklodė Kašmyras
Blanket “Cashmere”
 16835  25900
Blanket “Wisp” (for children)
 4680  7200
Vasarinė antklodė su vilnos užpildu
Summer blanket with wool duvet
 5850  6500
Vilnonė antklodė Šokoladas
Blanket “Chocolate”
 11635  17900

Vilnonė antklodė Morengas

How often to wash a blanket?

Woolen blankets, whether summer or winter type, are recommended to be washed or cleaned 1-2 times a year. Naturally, it will depend on the type of wool and the care label recommendations.

Camel wool blankets should be aired outdoors and dry-cleaned when necessary.

Meanwhile, merino wool blankets can be washed in automatic washing machines. It is only very important to use the wool setting and detergents intended for wool.

After washing your winter blanket, let all the water drain out before drying.

How to choose summer blanket?

If you still have questions on how to choose summer blanket, we invite you to take the test to choose bedding. Also, if you have any questions, you can contact us via email at

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