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Free delivery in Lithuania for purchases over 65 €


Children’s bedding made from the highest quality wool for a peaceful and healthy rest. Single and double-layer blankets, wool and viscoelastic pillows, sheets and other wool bedding for comfortable sleep. Cozy designs of children’s bedding for the cold and warm seasons. Pleasant and soft fabrics to keep your child comfortable.


Wool blankets, pillows and sheets for a peaceful and healthy sleep for your children.

Pillow “Nut” (for children)
 4425  5900
Antklodė vilnonė vaikiška Kolibris rusvas 1
Blanket “Hummingbird”, brown (for children)
Vilnonė Pagalvė Morengas vaikiška 35x55
Pillow “Meringue” (for kids)
 4875  6500
Vaikiška vilnonė antklodė Pienė pilka
Blanket “Dandelion”, brown (for children)
Vaikiška antklodė Kolibris baltas
Blanket “Dandelion”, grey (for children)
Vaikiška antklodė Kolibris baltas 1
Blanket “Hummingbird” (for children)
Vilnonė pagalvė Karamelė
Pillow “Caramel” (for children)
Vilnonė vaikiška antklodė Morengas
Blanket “Meringue” (for children)
 6675  8900
Vilnonė antklodė
Blanket “Hazelnut” (for children)
Vilnonis miegmaišis
Sleeping bag “Sheep”
 5625  7500
Kūdikio lizdelis Lazdynas
Baby nest “Hazelnut”
Vilnonė antklodė
Blanket “Caramel” (for children)
Vilnonis paklotas
Mattress topper “Camel” beige (for children)
Vilnonė antklodė
Blanket “Cinnamon” (for children)
 10425  13900
Vilnonė Antklodė Luka
Blanket “Luka” (for children)
Pagalvė Puriena
Pillow “Mayflower” (for children)
Vilnonė pagalvė Luka
Pillow “Luka” (for children)
Vilnonis paklotas
Mattress topper “Wave” (for children)
 4125  5500
Vilnonė Antklodė Vanilė
Blanket “Vanilla” (for children)
 5925  7900

How to choose bedding for children?


Blankets for children

Children’s sleep should not be taken for granted as they grow up. The choice of bedding for children is wide, therefore it’s important not to get lost and choose the highest quality bedding possible. Blankets of 95×135 cm in size should be changed to larger ones when children reach the age of 3-4 years. For children of this age, it is recommended to stop putting the wool blanket in a blanket cover thus reducing the good qualities of wool.

Children may be more sensitive to wool fibers, so it is best to choose a blanket that is suitable for all seasons, with wool on one side and cotton on the other. In summer, the cotton side will keep you cooler and the wool side warmer in winter.

Pillows for children

As children grow older, the extra thin pillows can be replaced by larger ones. It is best to choose a pillow in which the filling can be easily adjusted. This will extend the life of the pillow. If you choose a pillow with a wool cover, it is also recommended not to put it in a pillow case, so that the good qualities of the wool are not reduced.

patalynė vaikams

How to ensure proper care of children’s bedding?

Although it is recommended not to put the wool bedding in covers, parents usually choose covers for their little ones, as bedding often gets dirty and covers are easier to wash. As children get older, you can easily stop using pillowcases.

It is recommended to refrain from covering wool bedding for children, as the natural properties of wool – air permeability, heat generation, micro-massage – are suppressed by the use of pillowcases.

Wool is a naturally cleansing fiber that does not become dirty easily. It is sufficient to wash your bedding or take it to the cleaners 1-2 times a year.

Before washing, you should check the care label. Merino wool products can usually be washed using wool setting with a liquid detergent designed for wool, while camel wool bedding should be taken to a professional.


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