Free delivery in Lithuania for purchases over 65 €
Free delivery in Lithuania for purchases over 65 €

Flokati wool history

Flokati is a name reminiscent of two decades of experience for us and our customers, which combines a gentle touch of wool, healthy warmth, home coziness and harmony of thoughts.

Our products are made here in Lithuania, from carefully selected certified merino, camel, alpaca wool fabrics. Due to its natural thermoregulatory, skin-protecting properties, wool is especially popular both in summer and winter. Immerse yourself in fluffy sheets, slippers and clothes made of natural wool and use them daily.

After all, wool is a great gift of nature!


Head of the company Asta Kančelskienė


For those who misses naturality

We live in a noise and an abundance of things, a chaos in which real things become difficult to notice. In search of peace, I would still like to turn to nature, which as a mirror reflects who we are. We are sensitive and vulnerable, unbalancing the pace of our own ever-accelerating life.


We desire harmony with ourselves, others, the environment. We are looking for stability and coziness. We discover all this by surrounding ourselves with natural elements of the environment, which, with their textures, shapes and smells, broadcast the special energy of nature and soothing silence. We fall in love with wool for its simplicity and natural aesthetics. Eventually, we become eternally addicted and can’t give up the sense of comfort it provides.

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Tauras Kalnietis
Phone: +370 690 21167

Giedrė Lukoševičienė
Phone: +370 699 84019

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