Free delivery in Lithuania for purchases over 65 €
Free delivery in Lithuania for purchases over 65 €

Blankets for all seasons

Wool blankets for all seasons. Wool blankets that are versatile and can be used throughout all seasons. The combination of wool and cotton is perfect for different seasons. The cotton layer touching your body in summer will keep you comfortably cool, while the wool side will warm you up during winter.


Soft combination of knitted fabric and merino wool will be perfect for your healthy and peaceful sleep. Woolen bedding will last you all year long and ensure easy care.

Antklodė Kolibris ruda
Blanket “Hummingbird”
 18675  24900
Antklodė Kolibris rusvas 1
Blanket “Hummingbird”, brownish
Vilnonė antklodė Pienė ruda
Blanket “Dandelion” with camel wool
 18675  24900
Vilnonė antklodė Pienė rusva
Blanket “Dandelion”, brown
Vilnonė antklodė Pienė pilka
Blanket “Dandelion”, grey
Vilnonė antklodė Kolibris
Blanket “Hummingbird”, white
Vilnonė antklodė
Blanket “Hazelnut”

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