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Cotton bathrobes

Cotton bathrobes for women and men are the perfect choice for snuggling up after a bath. Flokati’s cotton bathrobes are moisture wicking and absorbent, keeping your body warm and protecting you from the cold. The bathrobes for women and men can be the perfect gift for you or your loved one on a festive occasion.


The softness of cotton bathrobes makes them ideal for those with more sensitive skin You can wear your cotton bathrobe all year round. Soft and fluffy bathrobes for women and men will wrap your body in warmth when you get out of the bath. They are perfect for wrapping up in the morning or evening. The bathrobes for men and women are made of the premium quality 100% cotton.

Bathrobe “Efficience” - Brownish
 7493  9990
Bathrobe “Efficience” - Gray
 7493  9990
Medvilninis chalatas flokati
Bathrobe “Flokati”
 8243  10990
Medvilninis chalatas
Bathrobe “Prince of Wales” - Dark
 10493  13990
Medvilninis chalatas
Bathrobe “Prince of Wales” - Light
 10493  13990
Bathrobe “Pure Capuz”
 6218  8290
Medvilninis chalatas moterims
Bathrobe “Pure Capuz”, blue
 6218  8290
Bathrobe “Pure Gola”, green
 6068  8090

Bathrobes for women – what to consider when choosing one?

Choosing a new bathrobe shouldn’t be based on beauty alone, but on the material, the pattern and the design – the right choice will help you to wear it for a long time and avoid the need to replace it quickly. Bathrobes for women – what to consider when choosing one? Look at the different compositions, models and designs of bathrobes.

Cotton bathrobes for women who love a classic style.

Cotton bathrobes for women are a particularly popular and versatile choice. Satin or silk bathrobes are very thin and they look nice, but they are not always very comfortable and cozy.

Satin or silk bathrobes stick to the body uncomfortably when you get out of the bath and your body is still wet. Cotton bathrobes, on the other hand, are cozy, real cotton is breathable allowing the moisture to be absorbed and evaporated.

chalatai moterims

Model of the bathrobe – what is important when choosing one?

The most popular style is the kimono using belt across the waist. Zipper bathrobes have attempted to win the hearts of consumers, but have had to give way to the classic option. But even in kimono style, the bathrobes can come in a variety of types.

Length of the bathrobe. Floor length bathrobes will keep you warm, but they may not always be comfortable, especially if you like to wear your bathrobe more often. Extremely short bathrobes can also disappoint, therefore knee-length or just below is the best choice.

Bathrobe pockets. Bathrobes without pockets are rare, and for good reason, because pockets are useful almost all the time! Slit pockets look more stylish. When choosing a bathrobe, pay attention to the depth of the pockets. It’s better to choose larger pockets to make sure that things like your phone don’t fall out.

Bathrobes for women – do I need to match colors?

Cotton bathrobes for women come in a wide range of colors. They come in monochrome brighter or more neutral colors, decorated with various patterns, etc. The choice of a bathrobe can be based on the colors you like or by matching the design of your home or bathroom.

Light tones are particularly popular and are associated with relaxation and peace. This trend has been established by various spas.

You can match the color of the bathrobe with the color of slippers, which is the combination most often worn together!

Bathrobes for women and men: how to take care?

Wash your new bathrobe before use. Cotton bathrobes can be washed in temperatures of up to 60°C without bleach.

We suggest drying the bathrobe at a low temperature in an electric tumble dryer and ironing only at a low temperature.

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