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Slippers for kids

Wool slippers for children are comfortable and soft. Slip-on slippers with a practical design for children are adapted for active movement. The practical design of the wool slippers for children is designed for active movement. The wool slippers maintain the temperature balance while wearing them, so the slippers stay dry all day long and the feet do not overheat. Choose the most favorite slippers for your child.

Vilnonės šlepetės Delfinas
Children’s slippers “Dolphin”
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Vilnonės šlepetės Tigris
Children’s slippers “Tiger” - Tiger
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Vilnonės šlepetės
Children’s slippers “Tiger” - Froggy
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How to choose slippers for kids?


Kid’s slipper design

The best choice for kids are slippers with a closed front and back. The slippers should fit snugly around the foot and stay on the foot without falling off, which is the only way the child can feel comfortable. An open front increases the likelihood of the front toes being injured, while an open back makes injuries inevitable.

Composition of kids’ slippers

Slippers for children should be made of natural fibers, such as leather or wool, that are breathable. Wool absorbs and evaporates moisture perfectly, keeping the children’s slippers dry and preventing the growth of germs.

Sole of the kids’ slippers

Pay attention to the sole of the slippers, the most important criterion for it is that it must be non-slip. Rubberized soles are the best choice to reduce the likelihood of slipping. Particular attention should be paid to the sole when choosing slippers or shoes for children who are still not walking very confidently.

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