Free delivery in Lithuania for purchases over 65 €
Free delivery in Lithuania for purchases over 65 €

Winter blankets

Cozy and warm double-layer wool winter blankets ensure a restful and deep sleep. These warm blankets are perfect for people who enjoy a warmer sleep, even during the coldest of winters. Natural wool winter blankets for your peaceful and healthy sleep.


With their unique fabric properties, these winter blankets are particularly suitable for the cooler months of the year and allow you to enjoy warmth without overheating or sweating. The natural wool will embrace you and allow you to sleep in comfort and peace even in the cooler seasons.

Winter blankets – your guarantee of a cozy and extremely comfortable sleep. Our wool winter blankets are natural, soft and have the greatest heat retention.

With proper care as recommended by the manufacturer, winter blankets will keep their original appearance for many years. Choose a wool winter blanket according to your needs and enjoy a peaceful, cozy and warm sleep.

Vilnonė antklodė
Blanket “Hazelnut”
Vilnonė antklodė Luka
Blanket “Luka”
Vilnonė antklodė Kašmyras
Blanket “Cashmere 2”
 29175  38900
Vilnonė antklodė
Blanket “Coconut”
 29925  39900
Vilnonė Antklodė Luka
Blanket “Luka” (for children)
Vilnonė antklodė Morengas
Blanket “Meringue 2”
Žieminė antklodė su vilnos užpildu
Winter blanket with wool duvet
Vilnonė antklodė Riešutas
Blanket “Nut”
Vilnonė antklodė Camel
Blanket “Camel”
 23175  30900

Winter blankets

Our winter blankets come in different sizes, colors, both single and double. When washed in accordance with the guidelines winter blankets will keep their original appearance and quality for a long time.

Choose your winter winter blanket according to your needs and enjoy a peaceful, cozy and warm sleep. We will deliver the blanket of your choice free of charge in the most convenient way either to your home via courier or to the nearest parcel pick up station.Vilnonė antklodė Kokosas

How often to wash a blanket?

Woolen blankets, whether summer or winter type, are recommended to be washed or cleaned 1-2 times a year. Naturally, it will depend on the type of wool and the care label recommendations.

Winter blankets are easy and simple to care for. Camel wool blankets should be aired outdoors and dry-cleaned when necessary.

Meanwhile, merino wool blankets can be washed in automatic washing machines. It is only very important to use the wool setting and detergents intended for wool.

After washing your winter blanket, let all the water drain out before drying.


How to choose winter blanket?

If you still have questions on how to choose winter blanket, we invite you to take the test to choose bedding. Also, if you have any questions, you can contact us via email at

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